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Digital gateway is a very genuine seo sevice provider company in india. There are a lot seo companies in Mumbai but digital gateway different for others many ways.

First let us see what is seo actually …?

Seo is called search Engine optimization. To optimize any website according to the policy of search engine.  The purpose of search engine optimization is about high ranking on search engine or gets million of users according to their business keywords.   SEO service helps any website to ensure that a website is accessible to different search engines and increase the priority that the website will be found by the search engine. 

SEO service stands of “search Engine optimization”  with the help of this task any website can get traffic from organic search results on different search engines like google , yahoo , bing etc.

Two major type of seo services called on page search engine optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization:    On page seo indicate to all tasks that can be taken directly within the website in order its to improve position in the search engine rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the content, Meta tags etc..

Some basic features of on-page seo see.

1.       Title Tag:  title is a page title of any webpage. Title tag written format <title>  it’s very useful for search engine optimization.  The best practice for title tag we always suggest you use 70 characters in title tag.

2.       Description, keyword meta tag:  use products & services related description insert in description tag & also mention useful keywords in keyword meta tag.

3.      HX (Heading) Tags :  Use heading  tags with any particular topic tiltes. Use h1 for the main headings and the rest in h2, h3, h4 and so on.  In content also use strong & bold teg for keywords to highlight them. Google loves this kind of content.

4.       Image optimization:  for image optimization use image name as a keyword & also use keywords in alt & image title teg. It will also help you for high ranking.

5.      Search Engine Friendly URLs:  we always suggest please don’t use any white space in your page url.  url should be keyword related.  Ask your Website developer to make the page URLs look easy to read, short and clean for high search Engine Ranking.

6.       Website Content:  content have also main role for your website ranking for particular keywords. Please don’t use copied content in your website.

7.       Java script & css :  use java script & css through external file.

8.       Internal Linking:  your web pages should be link internally with very strong structure.  Also check broken link & remove them from your Website.


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