how useful CRM for any business ? advantage of crm in buisness

how useful CRM for any business ? advantage of crm in buisness

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CRM commonly called as customer Relationship management is a tool of tracking customer relations, sales, marketing and the services that are provided for the customer to generate their activities. This is an era of  market survey and there is a great hassle to enter the market as well as the entry barriers are too low. There are happy customers who to well they do sustain and there are unhappy to. The CRM is a technology that is also a work flow process and  helps to organize and interpret data  for supporting a company in engagement of its customers more effectively. Both structured and unstructured it supports the business activities of the customer and also engages in data interpretation of the customer and management of the business  proposals of the customers. There  are different reasons for using CRM as follows:-

·        CRM for sales and marketing.

·        CRM for Business Intelligence.

·        CRM for customer Service Team.

·        CRM for Managing contacts and Processes.


CRM FOR SALES AND MARKETING:  Sales administration is taking too much process. There is low prospect of managing the  compilation of data and  low winded  quoting processes. There is also a problem of marketing strategies of seeing the targeted mails and these emails getting converted to leads and these leads in turn converting into sales. There is  no one to nurture the values of the targeted customers and their leads to view how much is converted to sales as there is a barrier of follow ups for the same.

CRM FOR BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:  Many of the works are constantly been judged by guess work and gut feeling. There is  a problem in decision making of the cash flow, product delivery and process requirements. Key performance indicators are not measured properly and thus high achievers are always remaining behind the zone.

CRM FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM:-  Customer rush is too high. These can easily miss out the important customer relationship details following which follow ups and customer engagement is missed out. There is a poor communication between the customer and the staff as a result when important customers are called the key requirements of the customer identification is missed out. Data are stored in different locations and these scattered data cannot be possible to imply a full clear picture.

CRM FOR MANAGING CONTACTS AND PROCESSES:- The client data is not secure. Anyone can copy it and paste it in spreadsheet. Team members are a mix and it becomes tough to contact the right person at right time. Many processes are dependent on manual intervention and so there is a knack of dependence for a small group of people or an individual and the system fails on them being absent. When the information are not remotely accessible then there is a problem to keep a track on customer emergencies.

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