Restaurant suite 3.1 , Restaurant application, Restaurant software
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Restaurant suite 3.1

Restaurant suite 3.1 is a web based next edge application to pleace Digital Order.

Digital gateway provides a platform to the users to manage their restaurants digitally using mobile application. Customers can Place there orders through the mobile application which is directly forwarded to the Kitchen which reduces manual intervention and cost of operations reduces and better services can be provided to the clients at higher speeds and with less chances of errors and thus also improves the productivity and profitability of your restaurant.

User Interface

Restaurant suite 3.1 front end developed according to customer behavior

Restaurant Suite having a great user interface / user experience to get digital food order place by mobile, tablet. We use attractive graphics interface too easy to understand and maintain everything related to restaurant. In frontend user can place order with simple click with in few seconds.

SEO SUITE 3.5, SEO software, SEO tool
SEO SUITE 3.5, SEO software, SEO tool

Admin Panel

Restaurant Suite expert admin panel

In admin panel Restaurant owner are able to manage everything about order, dishes and accounts. We cover many experts features like automatic real-time notification. With the help of admin panel, a single person can manage multiple activity to manage restaurant.

This is the guaranteed solution to improve standard and reduce man-power.


  •     Digital Order System
  •     Real time notification
  •     GST Billing
  •     Easy to use Interface
  •     E-mail and Prince Bill
  •     Manage Accounts
  •     Manage Expenses
  •     Update dishes

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User Interface

Download android application : Download

Admin Panel: Admin URL
  • Username: Admin
  • password: admin@123
SEO SUITE 3.5, SEO software, SEO tool