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Business Management software company Mumbai

Digital Gateway business management software helps you focus on strategy to grow your business instead of calculated operational execution that frustrates, complicates and stop your day. We provide all the tools, tricks and potent of a platform to run your business, including project management, invoicing, accounting, time-tracking, help desk, ticketing, CRM, billing, professional services automation and etc.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, project manager or IT provider, Digital Gateway business management software frees up time and resources to enable you to focus on the things most important to you – moving your business growth and experiencing life. We have the tools, tricks and power of a platform required to run your business, including project management, financials, time-tracking, invoicing, billing, help desk, ticketing, CRM, professional services automation, and more. The platform’s simple, easy, user friendly interface provides a simplified snapshot of your day-to-day business operations and overall profitability. And the result? Remaining a step ahead of your competition.

Our Business Management Software services:

  1. Customer and content management:

With this, it helps you to maintain and improve your customer database. Maintain all your customer transactions and related information at your fingertips. You can create custom databases to profile your clients. Also you can attach documents to your clients and customer transactions.

  • Infinite Customer and Contact Accounts

  • Running Notes and History

  • All Customer Transactions are Linked

  • Multiple Historic and Analysis Views

  • Manage Credit Limits

  • Document Repository to Link all Documents

  • Automatic Communication etc.

  1. Order processing and fulfilment:

With this, you can manage your order processing, you can improve the efficiency of your order fulfilment by not re-capturing data, minimising human error and keeping on top of purchases and best orders.

  • Stock System Fully Integrated

  • Automatic Transfer of Information Between Order Stages

  • Orders Due Reports

  • Order Status and Tracking

  • Linked to Sales Transaction

  • Linked to Supplier Purchases

  • Content and Packing Slips

  • Automatically Import Quotations and Previous Orders etc.

  1. Sales leads and quotations:

In this software is the perfect tool to manage your new leads and existing customer sales. Details info of your clients and having the right information available to you in real time gives you the position over your competitors.

  • New Lead and Inquiry Management

  • Manage On Selling to Existing Customers

  • Order Processing

  • Status Tracking of The Lead Pipeline

  • Sales Projections

  • Sales Performance and Statistics Reports

  • Potential Customer Profiling

  • Sales Commission and Target Management

  • Gross Profit Analysis

  • Sell and Buy in Multiple Currencies

  1. Scheduling and calendars:

In this you can know all your company activities including all job information, staff leave, staff activities are available in various calendar and schedule views.

  • Company Calendars

  • Individual Calendars

  • Task Calendar - automatically populated by tasks

  • Engineer/Employee schedule for job co-ordination

  • Staff Leave and Public Holidays

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • Accessible on mobile devices

  1. Job and task management:

In Business Management Software is developed around task management. Collect all your business transactions into tasks and everyone knows exactly what is expected at all times. Also you can use statuses and task assignments to control delegation.

  • Task Lists and Delegation

  • Status Tracking

  • Running Reports

  • Job Cards on Display or PDF

  • Full Task Activity History

  • Due Dates and Time Stamping

  • Manage Subcontractors and Their Assigned Jobs

  • Automatic tracking of time and billing

  1. Stock and inventory:

In it gives you full management of your stock and inventory. You can know your inventory position at all times and perfectly report on your stock requirements.

  • Comprehensive Stock History

  • Stock Transfers

  • Minimum Stock Levels

  • Barcode Scanning

  • Stock Take Management

  • Stock Valuation Reports

  • Back Order Purchases

  • Stock List Imports from CSV

  • Dynamically Generated Stock Lists

  • Direct API Integration into Your Suppliers

  • Multiply Supplier Buy Price Profiling

  1. Finance management:

Insight's powerful invoicing software keeps things simple. You have the flexibility to create invoices quickly managing total control and a full audit shrink.

  • Rapidly Generate Invoices

  • Import Directly from Sales Orders or Quotations

  • Automatic Repeat Invoicing for Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Billing

  • Linked to Sales and Customer Profiles for Historical Analysis

  • Multi Currency Invoicing

  • Exportable to Excel

  • Comprehensive set of Invoicing Reports

  1. Document management:

Profitable document management is important to managing any business. Having information at your fingertips ensures you stay ahead of your competitors. In document management links documents directly to your customers, suppliers and clients.


  • Powerful Searching

  • Centralised Storage

  • Link Files to Financial Transactions

  • Link Files to Tasks

  • Link Files to Profiles

  • User Level Access Rights

  • Backed Up and Protected

  • Files at Your Fingertips etc.

  1. Mobile and remote access:

In Business Management software easily adapts to everyday situations or meanings you don't have to be in front of your computer to get all the information. The perception mobile client comes with every installation allowing you access to your information on the go.

  • Task Lists and Job Management

  • Customer and Supplier Information

  • Electronic Documents, Certificates and Job Cards

  • Scheduling and Planning of Tasks

  • Purchase Orders, Billing and Payments

  • Real-time access to Business Information

  • Subcontractor Access Levels

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