Bulk whatsapp software 5000/- Only in Bally , whatsapp marketing Bally , whatsapp marketing companies in Bally, bulk whatsapp marketing Bally

Bulk whatsapp software 5000/- Only in Bally , whatsapp marketing Bally , whatsapp marketing companies in Bally, bulk whatsapp marketing Bally

whatsapp marketing Bally , digital marketing Bally,  whatsapp marketing in Bally , bulk whatsapp marketing in Bally ,  digital marketing Bally , digital marketing agency  Bally , digital marketing companies Bally  , whatsapp marketing companies in Bally , whatsapp marketing campaign in Bally , whatsapp marketing services Bally

Promote Your Products and Service with bulk WHATSAPP Marketing. We would like to introduce to you to a Great Marketing Service using our whatsapp Marketing useful softwares.  Whatsapp is the number one application  for personal communication. You can instantly connect with these all users with our bulk whatsapp marketing services!


1. You deliver the message directly to the audience mobile  of each targeted receiver! Everybody reads whatsapp messages now a days approx 25 times. It is very different from what happen with bulk email marketing which emails goes directly to spam box. And email open ratio may be less than 50% that’s why whatsapp marketing is very useful to promote your brand.
2. You may use BULK SMS marketing, but u can send only text messages. Whatsapp allows you to send a very useful promotional high quality  resolution image ,  video, , audio, location file and contact files!

we have Huge whatsapp users phone database for all cities in  india . We can target audience by geographical area local mobile database.

It is very interesting digital marketing platform to any business owner or promoter

If  you would like to know more about digital marketing, please contact us at: 05613-265222 , 8864908528 or E-mail : info@digitalgateway.in

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"Being a digital marketer i needed some robust tools to market my product and i got this company which is having more than 10 solutions available with them. No matter you are looking for whatsapp marketing, facebook, google or any thing else. These people really works at the edge of industry." Surendra Dhote (Cross Road)

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