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CRM Software Demo

There are many the best CRM platforms in 2017, for example I can suggest you to try CRM Gateway 7.2. It is a user-friendly email CRM inside Gmail. It introduces a simple, yet effective concept. We lets you turn any email into a CRM record. This way, when a customer or order email received into your inbox, you put it into the CRM folder with all of the related client data. The best part - there is no other software or service to keep open.

Why CRM Gateway is one of the best CRM software in 2017:

  • You can turn leads into automatically generated records in a few clicks

  • Group records by stages, participants, client status, and whatever else you have in a record

  • Immediately get into the context of any conversation by seeing the record data inside every email

  • Set follow-up to act as a ToDo list and get back to tasks later

  • Reach out to numbers of leads and customers with the email campaigns

  • Be sure that your emails have been read by using email tracking

  • Create events in Google Calendar without leaving the CRM

Looking for the best CRM solutions to manage and grow your small business in 2017? CRM software make all the process simpler.

Best CRM Software for Small Business: CRM Gateway

CRM Gateway is all in one software solutions in 2017 that provide all type of business solutions required to small business. Our CRM software is specially designed small business CRM solutions that enable small business to build strong customer relationship and stored important customer data. First, we’ll provide you CRM software demo.

Social CRM tools offered make it popular among the SME. Its Mobile solutions provide much mobility to your sales team to access and update all customer data in the system. It can be accessible on real time basis that helps sales team for successful deal closure.

Social Media presence has been increasing per day. It is very important to indulge in optimum customer engagement. Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. helps to engage more customers to your business.

Why CRM Gateway Software?

  • If you have CRM Gateway, it means you have for enterprise and for small businesses. Both works towards tackling the challenges faced by businesses in the present time and providing the best customer experience.

  • Helps in relationship analytics by providing deeper insights about customer preferences. This is important for businesses to build long-lasting relationship with their most valuable asset - customers.

  • Ensures improved customer retention and higher increment by optimizing customer engagement and meeting their expectations.

Well there are a wide range of free tools available in the market to choose from depending on the nature of business and your potential market. After all, the combinations with CRM will burn a hole within the smaller companies’ pockets and the complexity of the combination will limit the practicality. That is the reason why marketing CRMs like CRM Gateway.

Benefits of open source CRMs:

  1. Most applications come at no cost. Our support and alternation may be done with a paid fee, but the source code itself is free. With time and talent to adapt it one can save on licensing fees.

  2. No licensing commitment of any sort. Unlike business CRMs having a minimum of some fee or obligations, with CRM there is nothing like that.

  3. Permanent updates in real time, see you later waiting times for dealer release of a next version are canceled.

  4. Quick response from the open source community to identify and fix any bugs.

Our CRM is the best CRM software for any business. This software assist in accessing and updating your data records such as support system, vendors, data organization, projects, sales order, payment details and more. Further enhancement provides you with the real time alerts and live chats like functions.

Everything depends on your business demands. We can understand with an example, if you are looking for an easy-to-use CRM for small or medium business I can advise you to check CRM Gateway. This is a user-friendly CRM software. We also show you CRM software demo first.

Whether a CRM is the best for you depends on a couple of variables, such as company size, industry, type of clients etc. What you will want to do first and foremost is to sit down together with your team, analyse your sales process and then pin down the CRM characteristics that matter most to your sales cycle. Have a go at some and look for the best fit in terms of value for money.

One CRM I can add to the ones mentioned here already, is CRM Gateway. It’s an intelligent CRM, which means it automatically collects all data of the customers you are in contact with, from sources like social media, email signatures and company databases. It also logs all of the leads’ interactions towards and with you. Think phone calls, emails and calendar, plus website and email tracking. What it gives you is a timeline per account filled with everything you need to know. It will also tell you if and when to follow up on particular leads. It works and thinks for you so you just have to write emails, do meetings and have coffee.

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