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CRM IT solutions @ INR5000/-only, crm IT solution software, crm software companies, crm software development companies, CRM software solutions companies, CRM IT solutions company, CRM softwares India, customer relationship management software, customer relationship management software system, crm enterprise software solutions

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CRM IT Solutions

Customer Relationship Management, is first and foremost a business strategy. It is a calculated and a systematic method in which companies implement customer-facing processes to accommodate customers, develop customer relationships and increase revenues from customers. Information Technology facilitates CRM objectives and processes by using innovative software programs to brutalise customer facing and office operational activities and processes. In many cases, the CRM software suite can integrate with Sales Order Processing and Inventory Management solutions; further increasing automation and efficiencies. CRM software automation has enabled today’s managers and C-level executives to increase the visibility and transparency of their companies, as well as to allow them to better control each aspect of their business – all without negatively impacting current support staff or needing to hire additional personnel.

A properly integrated CRM system can significantly impact a company’s top line revenues and bottom line earnings through defined, systemic and realized savings. The Field Sales Automation components of a CRM suite alone cannot only increase the mentioned visibility into the sales process, but has also decreases redundant data entry.

For many companies, a primary focus and benefit point of CRM is business process efficiency. Every executive knows it is easier to enhance the bottom line by decreasing costs as opposed to increasing revenues. CRM can do both.

A quality CRM solution leverages the abilities and time of the entire human resource pool. However, depending upon the CRM software application and particular implementation objectives, organizations may differ as to who are the primary benefactors of CRM automation and efficiencies. For some companies, the main beneficiaries are the users, be it customer support representatives, marketing staff or sales professionals. Their real-time access to information and leverage of software automation empowers them to achieve their key performance metrics, goals, projects and quota. CRM software utilization allows users to be more self-reliant and in most cases, dramatically.

For other companies, the main benefits are seen at the decision-making and managerial level. CRM solutions empower decisions and corporate strategy makers with clear business process visibility on a real-time scale. It gives them detailed snapshots of operations from customer service initiatives to sales and marketing campaigns. Results from efforts are seen in both running time and cumulative – allowing for quick and accurate decisions and strategy implementation and or changes. Real time visibility into operations is a major power tool for today’s C-level executive. More than that, with growing competition and rapid market changes posing constant challenges and pressures – it is imperative. The real time visibility aspect to CRM gives a company heretofore unseen flexibility. It allows for near instantaneous reaction times and the ability to be proactive in meeting customer and prospect needs. CRM software solutions also afford senior management with competitive intelligence visibility, hypothetical business strategy modelling and the added time needed to exceed the efforts of their competition.

How companies’ reach out to new markets is another make or break situation. Within a robust CRM solution is the ability to cut through the noise, target specific markets, collect and segment consumer data and then design, test and automate marketing initiatives that are based on quantifiable analysis – resulting in the most cost and time effective marketing programs possible for your company, product and marketing budget.

CRM, as a technology solution and application is not simply a product to be purchased with associated benefits enjoyed. CRM, in this light, is a business system that integrates and enhances a customer centric business plan of a given organization. A harbinger to gaining a quality CRM application is the complete understanding of how the organization operates and interacts with customers. Most businesses have a clear picture of how they are supposed to run, but with a complete process review, often shows that the “what is” is separated from the “what was intended.” In many cases, this helps companies realign themselves or see better ways of accomplishing goals. Either way, productivity increases and management gets a better view of the actual corporate operations and a 360 degree view of the customer relationship.

The second effect of a quality CRM application is realized as a result of the automation of each business process; creating a series of benefits, which include the integration of systems that are resistant from system deviation. The workflow processes are all dependent upon initial stage input in order to function correctly. This makes sure that all activities add value, each process is complete, necessary steps are not skipped and the end result is consistently accomplished. For instance, in the case of a customer request for information – the request itself starts a CRM process, which must result in an action (in this case an acknowledgement and response). This action can then escalate to a supervisor based on a subsequent or downstream stimulus (such as if no response is given within a pre-designated time.)  As this type of process can occur in an automated and measurable fashion, the customer request is not ignored, or if ignored can continue up the supervisory chain until action is taken. In the case of a sales inquiry, appropriate notices and commands would go to appropriate functionaries in the proper departments. The bottom line in this instance is that nothing started can end without a defined resolution. All sales inquiries are responded to and sales managers are involved automatically. If an existing customer (i.e. one of a stand-alone electric generator company) places an order for a part, or needs their work redone, not only is the appropriate sales representative notified, but his or her supervisor, the parts manager, the permit department, and the accounting department are all notified and the appropriate forms and approvals generated. Everyone who is supposed to be involved in whatever process is required becomes notified and, held responsible for their own actions and contribution to the process. If any process member fails to do their job, the system stops and the appropriate executive is alerted with relevant information.

Simply put, a company using a quality CRM solution has clearly defined workflow processes and message consistency. It has defined business rules, key metrics and customer value drivers. These benefits significantly improve productivity and, with the CRM solution’s reporting capabilities, provide real-time visibility across the process lifecycles.

Everyone involved, from the customer to the CEO, gains from a shared understanding of what their roles are, what is expected of them, what they can expect from the business and how it will all be accomplished. This results in increased customer retention through higher customer satisfaction levels, increased efficiencies through enhanced operation analysis, and lower employee turnover from better defined responsibilities and job satisfaction, and lowered operating costs as the need for support staff is lowered and operating redundancies are eliminated.

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