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CRM companies India, CRM company in India @ INR5000/-only, CRM services in India, CRM companies India, India CRM services, India CRM company, CRM service provider India, CRM India, CRM software India

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CRM Companies In India

With the new year comes a new list of award-winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications. This list highlights the top 10 companies for CRM Applications.

CRM Gateway 7.2

Base is an all-in-one CRM software that enhances and changes traditional business applications. By including every feature you need in one platform, such as sales, customer, and mobile management, as well as sales reporting and forecasting, Base compiles the necessary details you need to transform and accelerate productivity. Base also has iOS and Android support, allowing you to keep track of data and contacts on your phone or tablet of choice. With real-time visual reporting, and information tracked from each customer interaction, Base provides you with detailed project insight, making it one of the most intelligent CRM company in India available today.


Batchbook is a customer relationship management developer and the purveyor of one of the best CRM applications currently on the market for small businesses. As a developer, Batchbook is primarily concerned with automating the tasks that would typically bog down a startups ability to properly market and expand their business. Furthermore, Batchbook has designed its CRM system to be entirely accessible via mobile devices, ensuring that business owners can get access to their most important data at any time, without having to worry about technical issues.

Nutshell CRM

Nutshell is a CRM software built with teams and client support in mind. It offers complete data and communication organization, preventing any essential details from slipping through the cracks, with the help of features such as contact importing, one-click task creation, and real-time activity reports. Nutshell can also automate any necessary repeating tasks to help you be more productive, so you can streamline the sales process. Nutshell is fully integrated with many applications that can help you run your business, such as Box, Twitter, Google Docs, and Mailchimp, and is compatible with iOS and Android. A free trial is available.


It's no secret that there's an enormous amount of CRM applications in the market today, and this is a fact that Zurmo freely admits. But Zurmo believes a need has arisen for a more universally acceptable, and therefore adaptable, CRM software. Their open-source CRM solution uses a model that the company hopes the entire world will eventually adapt, and this aspiration is written in their mission statement. What they promise is a dedicated commitment to frequently updating the software, which involves dealing with bugs promptly and making sure that newer iterations will not break existing applications.


Having customer relations management software for a business nowadays is as natural as having employees. CRM is simply too valuable in the modern age to take for granted with so many different options out there. Manchester-based Capsule was founded due to frustration with today's leading CRM services that either didn't do enough for the client or were too difficult to use for an average consumer. With Capsule, business are directed to the "Goldilocks zone" of CRM for a custom-tailored software experience. The company has customers in over 150 countries, making them a top dog in the CRM field.

Solve CRM

Solve CRM is a CRM applications developer and provider that helps small businesses to use a variety of tools to organize and build on customer information. This is an especially important service for businesses that rely heavily on sales leads, as an effective customer relationship management software platform is able to effortlessly collate this information and quickly present it to the user with the touch of a button. This efficiency is at the core of Solve CRM's services and one of the many reasons that they're considered to have some of the best CRM applications.


Vtiger is an all-in-one CRM software that adapts to your work needs. Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, Vtiger allows you to stay on top of your projects by measuring their performance, segmenting data, and creating workflow automation for any necessary but repetitive tasks. You can also keep track of your clients' information and contact them with no hassle either through email or a simple call. Manager your inventory, visualize case performance over time, and comes in three different editions: Sales, Supportive, and Ultimate.Quickbooks, and create top of the line SLA policies for your customers. Vtiger is fully integrated.

Agile CRM

Today's brands must be quick on their feet. The features of Agile CRM can contribute to a brand's quickness. Brands that use this CRM tool are able to sell like they are Fortune 500 companies, many of which use Agile. With graphs and many features one would expect to find in a pricier title, Agile CRM delivers the complete package at a reasonable price. Decision makers who want to help their companies dominate ought to gander at Agile CRM for a thoughtful while.


Insightly integrates seamlessly with a business' existing infrastructure to manage client relations, and may be the best CRM software due to its value. This software is built to do everything you expect CRM software to do like track leads, store email templates, and send mass emails. It also connects with social networks and calendar apps to sync your plans. There's plenty of pricing options available with Insightly, all the way from free to $100/month per user. There's definitely a plan available at a price you can afford, and the 14 day free trial ensures you'll like what you get.


Clinchpad is a customer relationship management applications developer that has worked for years in the CRM sales industry. This experience has manifested itself into a customer relationship management platform that has specifically been designed to be utilized by small teams and startups that have just started expanding. As an online customer relationship management platform, Clinchpad acts as an organization tool that can be easily and quickly accessed anywhere that has an Internet connection. Aside from its accessibility, Clinchpad is also a responsive tool that understands how to collate and present information in an easy to read way.

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